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Traditional Wound Care
met Heka

From cuts and burns to blisters and sports injuries. Whatever wound you have, you will want to treat it properly. The best materials allow your wound to heal quickly.

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Having a severe abrasion or undergoing a minor surgical procedure are recognisable situations for anybody. If you find yourself in such situations, all you want is the best healthcare to allow your wound to heal quickly.

But what wound care materials to choose? There is such a wide range of products. This is why we want to make things easy for you. Heka delivers appropriate solutions for every wound.


Exceptional through simplicity:
A wide range of medical-grade products.

A solution for every wound:
To deliver the best healthcare.

Developed from 90 years of experience:
Together with and for our customers.

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Did you know that Heka not only offers plasters but also absorbent and gauze dressings and various types of fixative dressings? Down-to-earth products you can rely on.

Wounds on sensitive skin

Whenever you have a wound you will want to protect your delicate skin. You should use an adhesive plaster that has been designed specifically for this purpose, such as Heka Plast silicone tape.

Healthcare professionals who want to deliver the best results work with high-quality products. Heka-branded products contribute to excellent wound management and support wound healing.

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