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Urology Continence Care
met Hekura

Bladder problems are never pleasant. What you want is control over your bladder. Hekura products offer the certainty that you can.

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If you have bladder problems and you use continence care products, you simply want to be in control of unwanted urine leakage.

Hekura helps you gain control. Its urine bags, catheters and accessories do what they promise, allowing you to rely on the best quality.


Excellent quality allows you to take control of your bladder.

Developed with healthcare professionals, for you.

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Medical devices for optimal use.

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Urine bags should be discrete and easy to use while also delivering excellent comfort while wearing them. Hekura soft urine bags offer this certainty.

De katheter van morgen!

The Hekura ready-to-use single-use catheter kan jou de oplossing bieden voor blaasproblemen en is beschikbaar voor zowel mannen als vrouwen. Ben je benieuwd naar onze nieuwste katheter? Klik op onderstaande button.

Fast delivery, wide range of high-qualityproducts, they honour their commitments and stay in regular contact. 

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