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Diabetes is like top sport. It requires discipline and persistence. To achieve this you will need the best materials, because elite athletes need to perform every day. You can feel assured you are getting the best quality with the Betica pen needles, safety pen needles or safety lancets.

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Diabetes is something you wake up with every day and it may sometimes even feel like a full-time job. From checking your blood levels to managing your diet and daily activities. You will of course want the best healthcare for your body.

Betica helps to make living with diabetes easier, giving you more free time to do the things you enjoy.

Betica Pen Needles

Easy needle insertion:
Needle design with three bevels.

Shorter injection duration:
The thin needle wall allows the insulin to flow readily.

Excellent injection comfort:
Because of the double silicone layer and extra smooth needle.

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If someone helps you to inject your insulin, the last thing you want is for that person to get injured. The Betica Dual Safety Pen Needle prevents this.

Injection comfort when injecting insulin

Allowing you to give your body the best healthcare. The extra thin needle wall of Betica pen needles make it easier and more comfortable to inject your insulin.

As a premium supplier we have been ordering from Van Heek Medical for years. They are a great wholesaler delivering good service. Other companies should follow their example.

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