Complex Wound Care

Complex wounds are always unpleasant and can have a major impact. You want the wound to heal properly and quickly without too much discomfort. The right products help you achieve this allowing you to move forward again.

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Complex wounds can have a major impact on your daily life, which is why treating them properly is important. After all, you want the best healthcare solution to promote the healing process.

Decifera wound care products contribute to wound healing. All products are the best quality, because every wound deserves 100% focus.

Decifera provides:

Promotes optimal wound healing:
By creating a moist wound environment.

Excellent wearing comfort:
Because of the first-class quality.

Genuinely easy to use:
For an effective treatment.

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Removing a dressing can be painful. This is why you should use Decifera Alginate Dressing. The firm texture of the dressing prevents pain when you replace the dressing.

Simple correction of application?

Decifera Foam Silicone (border) allows you to correct the application of your dressing without any problems. The adhesive border is exactly the right thickness making it very easy to remove any folds.

"Van Heek Medical has been a reliable supplier we enjoy dealing with. Whenever we have any special requirements, they actively help us identify options to deliver a solution. Van Heek Medical is also an innovative company that moves with the times. Prices and quality very stable and very good.

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