Hekura ready-to-use single-use catheter

It's only natural that you want to manage your own bladder problems. We want to help you stay in control!

The Hekura ready-to-use single-use catheter offers a solution for bladder problems and is available for both men and women. Are you eager to find out about our newest catheter? Then read on!

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For men:
the special dome-shaped tip and no-touch insertion guide make it easy and hygienic to insert the catheter. That's great, isn't it?

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For women:
the special thick connector makes it easy to grip and provides control during insertion.

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The smooth and hydrophilic coating makes it more comfortable and convenient.
The coating prevents most of the friction during insertion.

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If your hands do not work very well and it is difficult for you to open certain packaging, do not worry! The large eyelet at the top of the pouch makes the packaging easy to openfor everyone.

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We understand that sharp edges are a nuisance. That is why this catheter has rounded eyelets, to make it more comfortable for you. That's important!

Do you want to know quickly how many catheters you need each month?
The The easy-to-stack inner packaging contains 30 catheters, so
it is easy for you to determine how many you need each month.
bepalen is.

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Nothing is less convenient than not having enough hands when all you want is independence. That is why the pouch has an adhesive side that you can simply stick to the bathroom furniture. Thus, you can easily and hygienically insert the catheter yourself.

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Discrete no-frills packaging

The quality of the hydrophilic catheter is first and foremost. The packaging is elegant, yet without frills. Furthermore, we do not lose
sight of the price. These show that the service and services to our customers remain a high priority to us, which consequently enhance their quality of life .

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